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November 2023
Celebrating Our Community

As a very long time resident of Farnham, I am committed to celebrating our local community and helping to maintain a positive community environment. So I am delighted to be working with Castle Street Residents Association, and it a great honour to be featured on their website. Read the article here>>

August 2023
Mrs Christmas of Farnham!

It is a great honour to have one of my paintings chosen once again for the Mayor of Farnham’s official Christmas card 2023.

Here we are at my recent private view at the New Ashgate Gallery, as I hand over the image.

March 2023
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

I am absolutely delighted to have been elected as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Arts. This is a real honour and I can now proudly put FRSA after my name!

I look forward to continuing to support the vision and mission of this most esteemed organisation.

November 2022
The Mayor’s Christmas Painting – Farnham Herald Report

September 2022
Farnham Lions Christmas Advent Calendar

The Farnham Lions Christmas Advent Calendar, with my image of Castle Street in the Snow, will be officially launched on 25 September at the Farnham Food Festival. I am delighted to be associated with this incredible group who do so much for charity. I shall be there to support it, hope you will too!

Look out for the calendar on sale around Farnham from late September, or go to the Lions website at

September 2022
TLC Art Auction

I was delighted tht have been asked to produce an image for the Transplant Links Community – a charity very close to my heart – as part of the their Deck of Cards Art Project.

My painting is of the Jack of Spades and it shows plants growing with the interweaving of stems that twist together forming a bond that is difficult to separate unless disease fractures them.

Flowers have so much in common with the shape of the kidneys and the amazing structures within each that has a lyrical connection but can be broken so easily, which is why the work of TLC is so vital. As we plant and see our labours flourish we need to cherish all life; we are all precious.

I have been painting for over 40 years producing work which falls into two areas, Floral and Architecture. The common thread is the detail within every painting that I produce. When you are passionate about your work it becomes part of who you are without it I wouldn’t be Susie.

Jack of Spades – See the Beauty in Life
by Susie Lidstone

September 2022
October Craft Month, Farnham

(I have been asked to produce a piece of Artwork as part of October Craft Month – A World of Craft on our Doorstep – showing my front door. It’s just a line drawing so something a bit different, but shows the detail in my paintings. The article below has been produced for the event. Spot the editor’s error – I use Sable brushes, not ‘Stable’!).

23 June 2022
Farnham Herald

June 2022
Farnham Herald Feature on The Historic Shepheards Shop

November 2021
In Conversation with The Farnham Society

October 2021
Age is Just a Number

I was pleased to be able to contribute to the the Age Of Creativity blog which celebrates the value of creativity and culture to older people. My blog on being an older artist is here:

October 2021
Winter Wonderland!

My Christmas Cards for 2021 are now available for sale. I am delighted that my designs gave been chosen for the Farnham Society’s 2021 Christmas Cards. The Mayor of Farnham also commissioned me to paint a Christmas version of The Farnham Council Offices for his official Christmas card for 2021. Here he is below with me at my studio this month. The painting is now also hanging in the council offices.

New for this year also are these lovely Christmas baubles (below), available from me directly or any of my upcoming events and from the Museum of Farnham Shop.

Christmas Card designs for 2021

The Mayor Farnham’s Christmas Card

The Mayor visiting my studio

Christmas Baubles New for 2021

July 2021
Summer Lazing

So nice to see my deckchairs being put to good use by customers during this lovely hot spell we have been having!

You can see all the deckchair designs and get your own here:

April 2021
And now for something completely different…

New work that I have been commissioned and completed so far this year included “The Wait” – something very different for me (A Kingfisher) commissioned by Jonathan Durham who owns many of my paintings.

April 2021
Press Coverage for an Unusual Commission

May 2020
Featured in The Times Newspaper
Saturday 15 May

May 2020
New Face Coverings Featured in Farnham Herald 28 May 2020

March 2020
Keeping It Local Feature